Biking the Blue Ridge Parkway

Biking on the Blue Ridge Parkway is a wonderful way to experience the stunning vistas and picturesque overlooks in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

From Milepost 86 to Milepost 165, nearly 80 miles of this beautiful route, known as America's Favorite Drive, winds through the Roanoke Valley in Virginia's Blue Ridge, and provides tremendous opportunities for road biking & cycling.

Blue Ridge Parkway Detour - Roanoke, VirginiaBlue Ridge Parkway Temporary Closure, Repairs & Detour Route

Multiple sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia's Blue Ridge are currently closed for repair projects. There is a closure at Milepost 114 for the Roanoke River Bridge Rehabilitation Project and a closure due to a road failure caused by landslides near Milepost 128.

We've created a special Blue Ridge Parkway Detour Route for information about things to do in the area and recommended directions for accessing the Parkway around these closures. Parkway Detour Info >

NOTE: You can still access Explore Park at Milepost 115 via the Parkway from accessing the road at U.S. 220 (Milepost 121.4) or Mill Mountain (Milepost 120) and traveling north to reach the park.

With the access point at Milepost 120 only five miles from Downtown Roanoke, it's only a short ride between the epic cycling provided by the Parkway and all the activities and attractions located in the heart of the city.

Many popular local road biking routes include spending portions of the route on the Blue Ridge Parkway, such as Mills Gap and the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club's Famous Beer Ride.

You could also spend a challenging day riding the Parkway by beginning near Mill Mountain at Milepost 120 and traveling north to the Peaks of Otter at Milepost 86. The 70-mile out-and-back trip would provide steep changes in elevation and gorgeous views of Virginia's Blue Ridge.

It's one of the best routes in the region for experiencing the stunning fall colors and amazing spring & summer blooms of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Blue Ridge Parkway Map

Check out our Blue Ridge Parkway Map for detailed information about the road's eight access points in Virginia's Blue Ridge. Learn more >

Blue Ridge Parkway Lodging

Between campgrounds, bed & breakfasts, and rustic lodges, there are great options for overnight accommodations during your biking trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Learn more >

Blue Ridge Parkway Biking Guidelines & Safety Tips

  • The Blue Ridge Parkway does not have dedicated bike lanes and is recommended only for advanced riders.
  • Be mindful of the steep changes in elevation along the route and the skill required to navigate while also potentially dealing with automobile & RV traffic.
  • Bikes may only be ridden on paved surfaces and are not allowed on trails or walkways.
  • Riders must travel in a single-file line and stay well to the right-hand side of the road, except when passing or making left turns.
  • Bicycling is permitted on the Parkway even when portions are closed due to bad weather, but please use extreme caution. All travel is prohibited on portions of the road that are closed for construction.
  • Wear a helmet and high visibility clothing that helps you remain visible to motorists.

For more information and regulations, refer to this Blue Ridge Parkway Bicycling Guide by the National Park Service. You can also check out our Blue Ridge Parkway and Biking sections for more great resources to help plan your trip.

Header photo courtesy of Sam Dean Photography in Botetourt County.

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