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RIDE Solutions Self Guided Bicycle Tours

RIDE Solutions is a local organization that focuses on providing alternative transportation options, including ridesharing, biking, public transit, and walking. Their initiatives help reduce traffic and improve air quality by minimizing the impact of vehicle emissions.

RIDE Solutions - Roanoke, VARIDE Solutions is one of many organizations that has worked hard to create an incredible local community for biking and cycling in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

In addition to their efforts to educate locals about the benefits of bicycle transit, RIDE Solutions has created awesome opportunities to experience the region through fun bike rides and connect with other local cyclists and biking enthusiasts through special events, such as their popular annual activities like the Holiday Lights Tour, Poker Ride, Tweed Ride, and promotion & support of National Bike Month.

They’ve created an incredible collection of Bicycle Routes that can serve as self-guided bicycle tours that will introduce you to lots of great history and culture of our region while also learning about safe cycling routes between different communities and neighborhoods.

These routes were specially built in the Ride With GPS system, a free tool that can be downloaded for iOS or Android. The Ride With GPS platform provides audible turn-by-turn directions, images and videos noting key places of interest, and the ability to share your route with others.

The routes on this page, which was created in partnership with RIDE Solutions, have been organized by subject and interest and we encourage you to check out a few to help you plan your next biking adventure in Virginia’s Blue Ridge!

Roanoke - The Heart of Virginia's Blue Ridge Route

RIDE Solutions created this special Roanoke - The Heart of Virginia's Blue Ridge route to showcase some great local businesses and places of interest for visitors to Roanoke in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

It's a 9.5 mile route that includes the opportunity to explore neighborhoods like Downtown Roanoke, Grandin Village, and Wasena, as well as popular spots like the Taubman Museum of Art, Historic Roanoke City Market, and Black Dog Salvage.

Arts & Culture

Roanoke Public Art

Discover the vibrant public art that you’ll find throughout Roanoke with unique sculptures, paintings, LOVEworks, and other creations located in public parks, greenways, and local businesses.

  • Art by Bike - Distance: 9.8 Miles | A route featuring the beauty of Roanoke's public art.
  • Art by Bike (Greenway) - Distance: 8.1 Miles | A route showcasing the public art and the Roanoke Valley Greenway system.
  • LOVEworks by Bike - Distance: 14.1 Miles | Share the LOVE and visit some of our local LOVEworks art pieces in Virginia's Blue Ridge.
  • Storm Drain Inlet Art - Distance: 9.1 Miles | Check out the unique art created on some of Roanoke's storm drains.

Historical Routes

Virginia Museum of Transportation - Roanoke, VA

These routes will introduce you to some of the amazing history and heritage of Virginia’s Blue Ridge, including many local historic sites and places with connections to key figures from the past.

  • Flood of ‘85 - Distance: 7.7 Miles | A route featuring sites affected by the historic and deadly flood of 1985.
  • Haunted Roanoke - Distance: 6.5 Miles | A casual ride to Roanoke's most famous haunted sites.
  • Melrose Historical Sites - Distance: 6.5 Miles | An opportunity to visit many of the endangered historic sites in Roanoke's Melrose neighborhood.
  • Pedals and Pantsuits - Distance: 8 Miles | Learn about the impact and legacy of some of Roanoke's most influential women.
  • Rail by Bike - Distance: 9.5 Miles | A route spotlighting Roanoke's rich railroad history & heritage. 
  • Salem Historical Sites - Distance: 8.8 Miles | Explore the history of the City of Salem and a portion of the Roanoke River Greenway.
  • Southeast Roanoke Historical Sites - Distance: 8.8 Miles | Ride through Downtown Roanoke and various neighborhoods of Southeast Roanoke.
  • Vinton Historical Sites - Distance: 8.1 Miles | A ride showcasing the Town of Vinton's historic sites, Wolf Creek Greenway, and scenic views.
  • West End by Bike - Distance: 5.3 Miles | Learn about Roanoke's Historic Gainsboro & West End Neighborhoods, featuring powerful African American history and culture.

Historic Churches

RIDE Solutions created these routes in partnership with the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation, and they feature historic churches, many of which showcase unique architecture, and communities throughout the Roanoke Valley. 

  • Downtown Roanoke - Distance: 7.6 Miles | A tour of historic churches in Downtown Roanoke.
  • Northeast Roanoke - Distance: 6.1 Miles | A tour of historic churches in Northeast Roanoke.
  • Northwest Roanoke - Distance: 9.4 Miles | A tour of historic churches in Northwest Roanoke.
  • Roanoke Valley Loop - Distance: 37.2 Miles | A tour of historic churches around the Roanoke Valley.

Scenic Views

Franklin County VA - Road Cycling

Enjoy beautiful scenes of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, scenic views of the city skyline, and other areas that make our region a gorgeous destination for an adventure.

  • Brambleton - Distance: 4.1 Miles | Enjoy the wooded paths along this scenic route that runs parallel to Roanoke's Brambleton Avenue.
  • Dillons Mill & Adney Gap - Distance: 7.8 Miles | A ride from Dillons Mill to Adney Gap that features beautiful views of Franklin County.
  • Mountain View - Distance: 5.7 Miles | A route featuring two of our most beloved local icons - trains & mountains.
  • Southeast Roanoke - Distance: 6.2 Miles | Take in beautiful views of the Roanoke Star, Roanoke River, nearby mountains, and more.
  • Valley View - Distance: 8.2 Miles | When riding from north-to-south, this is a downhill ride that offers great views of the Downtown Roanoke Skyline and Mill Mountain. 
  • Wades Gap Road - Distance: 11 Miles | Travel the length of Wades Gap Road and discover some of the most scenic spots in Franklin County's Callaway area.
  • Webster Corner Loop - Distance: 5.8 Miles | A scenic mountain loop in Franklin County.

Photo courtesy of Matt Ross - Franklin County Parks & Recreation

Food & Drink

Tacos Rojas Roanoke

Take in the delicious local flavors of Virginia's Blue Ridge as you enjoy these unique food & drink themed routes.

  • Farm to Table - Distance: 14.7 Miles | Follow our food from farm to table, with stops at local farms & community gardens, farmers markets, and restaurants that specialize in farm-to-table ingredients.
  • Ice Cream by Bike - Distance: 9.3 Miles | Satisfy your sweet tooth with this fun ride around Roanoke that leads you to some of our favorite local ice cream shops.
  • Roanoke Roasts - Distance: 11.7 MilesGive yourself a boost with this fun ride around Roanoke that features a collection of great local coffee shops.
  • Roanoke Valley Market Tour - Distance: 26.7 Miles | Spend a Saturday shopping local and biking to some of our amazing local farmers markets.
  • Tour de Tacos - Distance: 18.9 Miles | This tour is a great way to enjoy some of the tastiest local tacos without having to worry about eating too much.

Nature & Environmental

Roanoke, VA - Stormwater Art Project

These routes showcase many of the businesses and organizations that focus on supporting our natural environment, sustainable living and behaviors, and the overall natural beauty of Virginia’s Blue Ridge. 

  • Birds by Bike - Distance: 11.3 Miles | Ride along the Roanoke River Greenway and visit some of the best local spots for bird watching. Use the Birds by Bike Bingo Card >
  • In Bloom - Distance: 13.7 Miles | See Roanoke in full bloom with a route that showcases arboretums, community gardens, and other beautiful garden spaces.
  • Where Does Our Water Go? - Downtown Roanoke - Distance: 7.1 Miles | An informative ride about Downtown Roanoke's stormwater system that also includes some unique, stormwater related public art.

Commemorative Trees

Created in partnership with Trees Roanoke, this trio of routes introduces cyclists to locations and public spaces where trees were donated and planted as part of the City of Roanoke’s Commemorative Tree Program.

  • Roanoke Valley Greenways - Distance: 6.4 Miles | A mostly greenway tour of commemorative trees.
  • Mill Mountain - Distance: 7.6 Miles | An out-and-back ride from Downtown Roanoke to Mill Mountain Park featuring commemorative trees.
  • Roanoke Valley Loop - Distance: 22 Miles | A tour of commemorative trees around the Roanoke Valley.

Scavenger Hunts

James Tarpley Mural - Grandin Village, Roanoke

Turn your bike ride into a scavenger hunt where you search for unique local landmarks! These routes could be easily divided into multiple rides where you spend time exploring different areas of Roanoke.

  • Roanoke’s Hidden Art - Get your camera ready as you find all kinds of incredible art hidden around the Roanoke Valley.
  • Lions of Roanoke - We bet you never thought you'd spot so many lions in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Downtown Roanoke Neon Signs

A holiday route where you see the amazing Christmas lights in one local Roanoke neighborhood, a night ride featuring neon lights, a former city councilman’s paper route, and a ride for those in search of extraterrestrial life. Get ready for a good time!

  • Alien Invasion - Distance: 14.5 Miles | A route featuring locations where there have been reports of extraterrestrial encounters.
  • Bicycle Friendly Roanoke - Distance: 16.1 Miles | A route that highlights Roanoke's best bicycle infrastructure and what earned the city a designation as a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community.
  • Holiday Lights - Grandin Village - Distance: 5 Miles | A seasonal route to enjoy during the holiday season and see some spectacular holiday lights & decorations.
  • John Garland’s Paper Route - Distance: 9.9 Miles | The 1950s paper route of former Roanoke city council member John Garland.
  • Neon Lights - Distance: 5.9 Miles | A night ride where you get to see some of the iconic neon lights of Roanoke.

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