TransAmerica Bicycle Trail

The TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, also known as US Bicycle Route 76, is a cross-country biking trail that passes through Virginia's Blue Ridge.

The 4,228-mile trail is one of two original U.S. Bicycle Routes in the nation and it's broken into 12 sections. Section 1 begins in Astoria, Oregon and Section 12 ends in Yorktown, Virginia.

A portion of Section 12 winds through Virginia's Blue Ridge, beginning in Christiansburg and making its way north through Botetourt County and on to Lexington before connecting with the Blue Ridge Parkway and heading east toward the Virginia coast.

The Virginia section features more elevation gain than any other state on the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail. Section 12 is 368 miles in length.

Riding the entire trail across the country takes most riders approximately three months and it's typically ridden from May to September.

In this part of the state, riders will have the opportunity to enjoy the stunning views of the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as passing through the George Washington & Jefferson National Forest.

Along with the stunning scenic views, the trail includes many of the charming small towns that make Virginia's Blue Ridge so unique. You'll find Southern hospitality around every corner!

Even if you can't ride the entire route, the stretch of the trail in Virginia's Blue Ridge is a great option for a road biking adventure!


The following is a step-by-step guide on riding on the portion of the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

  • From Christiansburg, head north on Route 723 for approximately 8 miles.
  • Route 723 will end at Route 785/Catawba Road, where you'll turn right.
  • Travel north on Route 785 for 17.4 miles.
  • Route 785 ends at Route 311. Turn right on Route 311 and go 1/2 mile then turn left and take a quick right to continue north on Route 779/Catawba Creek Road.
  • Stay on Route 779 for approximately 18 miles as it passes through the countryside and winds through the heart of Daleville in Botetourt County.
  • When you reach the end of Route 779, turn left on Route 11. Travel north for 1 mile and then turn right on Route 651/Stoney Battery Road in the Town of Troutville.
  • Continue on Route 651 north for approximately 3.4 miles until you again reach Route 11. Turn right on Route 11 and go 1/2 mile before turning right on Route 640/Nace Road.
  • Stay on Route 640 for 10 miles as you ride along the base of the Blue Ridge.
  • Turn right on Route 11 and continue along this road/Interstate 81 Frontage Road/Lee Highway for nearly 10 miles, which will lead you through the Town of Buchanan and over the James River.
  • Turn left on Route 610/Plank Road and head north for nearly 14 miles until you reach Route 764.
  • Turn left on Route 764/Possum Hollow Road and ride for 1 mile until it dead ends at Route 251/Collierstown Road.
  • Turn right at Route 251 and head north for a little under 2 miles until you reach the Town of Lexington.


The following is a helpful Google map of the portion of the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail that winds through Virginia's Blue Ridge.

Places of Interest

The following places of interest are located along US Bicycle Route 76 in Virginia's Blue Ridge and serve as great places to enjoy a meal or learn more about the local culture.

  • Town of Daleville - A charming town with great options for local dining and drinks, such as Town Center Tap House & Tizzone Wood Fired Kitchen & Wine Bar 
  • Town of Troutville - Cyclists are allowed to use the shower and laundry facilities at the Troutville Fire Department and there is a nearby space for camping.
  • Town of Buchanan - A historic town located on the beautiful James River. Step back in time by visiting the local antique shops, the classic Buchanan Theatre, and the iconic Swinging Bridge.

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You can also get more information about the TransAmerica Trail and other routes in the Adventure Cycling Route Network on the Adventure Cycling Association website.

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