Heated Outdoor Patios in Roanoke, VA

Restaurants & Breweries with Heated Outdoor Patios in Virginia's Blue Ridge

Cooler temperatures won’t stop you from enjoying a meal or drink on a patio in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

Many local restaurants and breweries offer heated outdoor patio space, perfect for staying warm while you relax.

You’ll find a variety of outdoor setups, ranging from chairs set up around fire pits, tables with built in heating systems, outdoor fireplaces, temporary tents with heating systems, and patios with portable heaters.

While some businesses offer this as a permanent part of their outdoor space, for others, it’s a temporary offering related to service adjustments due to the impact of COVID-19.

We like to think of it as year-round al-fresco service in Virginia’s Blue Ridge!

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In addition to the locations featured on this page that specifically offer heated outdoor patio space, you'll also find many great restaurants, breweries, and wineries that offer Outdoor Patio Service, which is extremely pleasant and comfortable for many of the mild, sunny days we have throughout the year.

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The map below showcases businesses that offer heated outdoor patio space.

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