Disc Golf Courses in Roanoke, VA

Disc Golf Courses in Virginia’s Blue Ridge

Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, and it’s certainly developed a passionate local community in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

With the strong advocacy of the Roanoke Disc Golf Group, the region is gaining a reputation as a premier destination for disc golf. The organization regularly hosts casual rounds that serve as a great introduction to disc golf, as well as formal tournaments and competitive events. Visit the Roanoke Disc Golf website for a calendar of upcoming casual rounds and other events. 

There are courses located throughout the region, offering terrain and difficulty levels that can accommodate players of all skills.

Whether you’re looking to perfect your technique on the mid-range throw that has to wrap around a tree, or you’re simply learning the basics of the game, disc golf is a great, family & budget-friendly way to experience the outdoors in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

With our setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains, many of the tournament-level courses take advantage of the unique topography and changes in elevation, creating fun holes that weave through the forest and open areas that offer gorgeous views of the mountains.

The local Parks & Recreation Departments in Virginia’s Blue Ridge are also helping spark the growth of local disc golf, building courses in public parks that are easily accessible for locals and visitors.

Scroll down to see a list of disc golf courses in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

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