Hidden in Plain Site - Roanoke

Hosted by the Harrison Museum of African American Culture, Hidden in Plain Site Roanoke is a virtual tour experience that focuses on overlooked sites that tell the story of Black history and the Black experience in Roanoke. The tour is designed to inform and educate while changing how residents and visitors see and experience the City of Roanoke.

The tour is offered in three digital formats:

Visit the Hidden in Plain Site page on the Harrison Museum of African American Culture's website for additional information and to view the tours. The tour was created in partnership with the Richmond-based Hidden in Plain Site organization.

Harrison Museum of African American Culture

About the Museum
The Harrison Museum of African American Culture is a cultural and educational institution committed to advocating, showcasing, preserving, and celebrating the art and history of African Americans for Roanoke Valley citizens and visitors. The purpose of the museum is to cultivate awareness and appreciation of the significant contributions of people of African descent. The Harrison Museum seeks to create community collaborations to capture the rich history and continue the legacy of African culture.

Harrison Museum Location
The Harrison Museum of African American Culture is located on the 2nd floor of the Center in the Square building in Downtown Roanoke.

Harrison Museum of African American Culture
1 Market Square
Roanoke, VA 24026
Phone: (540) 857-4935

Roanoke Hidden Histories
The Hidden in Plain Site Roanoke experience was supported through the Roanoke Hidden Histories project, which generated the support and funds for the creation of the virtual tour to spotlight the overlooked sites that are integral pieces of Roanoke's Black history and the African American experience. Roanoke Hidden Histories also organized and raised funds for the creation of the Henrietta Lacks Memorial Sculpture at Lacks Plaza in Downtown Roanoke. The sculpture commemorates the ongoing and long unrecognized contributions of Roanoke native Henrietta Lacks, who unknowingly provided the world with the HeLa cell, which has been used for decades of live-saving and life changing research and significant breakthroughs in the medial and scientific communities.

Roanoke Valley Spotlight

A guide to Black history with relevant experiences, stories, and places of interest around the region.

Take a self-guided walking tour of Roanoke's Historic Gainsboro community, which was a vibrant center of Black culture and commerce.

Visit the birthplace of Booker T. Washington, one of the most influential African American leaders in history.

A guide to Black-owned businesses throughout the region, including restaurants, shops, and services.