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We are glad to help you develop your story for all five seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and the Holidays. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Rail Heritage

The roots of Roanoke's iron horse history are as strong as the powerful locomotives that power through the heart of the city. The city was chartered in 1882 and immediately became a major rail crossing and manufacturing spot for Norfolk & Western Railroad. Now, the area's rail heritage is highlighted through the Virginia Museum of Transportation and O. Winston Link Museum.

Walkable Downtown

Downtown Roanoke is the historic center for the City of Roanoke and home to many popular amenities and attractions. See a variety of historic buildings, artistry, cuisine, and architecture that is evident around every corner. A walk through our downtown gives you the opportunity to look into the past as well as a glimpse into our future.

Farm to Table Restaurants

The Roanoke Valley boasts quantity AND quality with its culinary scene. This region is part of the growing gastronomic trend of serving delicious dishes that feature locally-grown ingredients. The abundance of local farms in southwest Virginia provide chefs with a variety of flavors for some tasty and exciting cuisine.

The Arts and Culture Scene

It's classic. It's eclectic. It's traditional. It's evolving. The arts scene of Virginia's Blue Ridge is alive and well with a variety of local galleries popping up across the area. Musically, the region still features deep roots of bluegrass and blues while continuing to expand into other genres. Combined, the different styles of art and culture attract people across all generations and walks of life.

Outdoor Adventures

The majestic mountains that surround the Roanoke Valley provide a scenic backdrop for everyday life here. To fully enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains, you'll need to put on some sturdy shoes and hike, bike, paddle, climb, and drive among them. Bring your favorite energy bar. You're going to need it with all the outdoor adventures you'll find here.

Pet Friendly

Just as resounding as the grandeur and beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Roanoke Valley offers an abundance of fresh-air adventures for all types of outdoor enthusiasts - even the most devout four-legged fanatics. With an array of greenways, parks, trails and special events, the Roanoke Valley is a premier pet-friendly destination for all visitors.

A Shopper's Delight

The hidden treasures of the Roanoke Valley go far beyond the outdoor splendor of our Blue Ridge Mountains. Whether you're on the hunt for fine antiques or fine wines, fashionable trends or inspiring artwork, let our bounty of boutiques and specialty shops lure you inside for an array of one-of-a-kind finds.

More Information

For more information or additional ideas, please contact Kathryn Lucas, Public Relations Manager for Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge.

Header photo via Virginia Tourism Corporation.
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