Roanoke Geocaching

Geocaching in Virginia's Blue Ridge

The Downtown Roanoke Geocaching Trail provides a fun, family-friendly activity that highlights Downtown Roanoke through a walking tour. Visitors will experience the unique history, culture and architecture of Roanoke's historic downtown district while enjoying the hunt for our collection of caches.

For more information, please stop by the Virginia's Blue Ridge Visitor Information Center.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a global high-tech treasure hunt in which participants use a combination of online clues and GPS coordinates to find "caches" (hidden containers ranging in size from an ammo box to a bottle cap.)

The caches are often hidden in unique and interesting places participants may never have discovered on their own, but some are concealed as mundane objects in plain sight. Currently, there are more than one million active participants and approximately 985,000 caches hidden in more than 100 countries.

Local Geocaches

Trail of the Sasquatch

This is trail that features multiple cache types and containers in various locations throughout Virginia's Blue Ridge. If you can find each one, head to the Virginia's Blue Ridge Visitor Information Center to receive your commemorative coin. Check out Trail of the Sasquatch on the Geocaching website for more information and coordinates to help you begin the hunt!

Welcome to Virginia's Blue Ridge

N 37 | 16.433
W 079 | 56.307

Virginia Museum of Transportation

N 37 | 16.377
W 079 | 56.675

Dare to Dream

N 37 | 16.409
W 079 | 56.541


Virginia's Blue Ridge Visitor Information Center

N 37 | 16.433
W 079 | 56.307

Virginia Museum of Transportation

N 37 | 16.369
W 079 | 56.754

How to Find a Cache:

  1. Go to

  2. Register for a free basic membership.

  3. Click "Hide & Seek a Cache."

  4. Search for the caches in a trail using the "GC Code" listed in the passport.

  5. Enter the coordinates of the geocaches into your GPS device.

  6. Use your GPS device to assist you in finding the hidden geocache.

  7. Carefully search for the cache, showing respect for your surroundings.

  8. Sign the logbook, fill in the passport and return the geocache to its original location.

  9. Share your geocaching stories and photos online.

Geocaching Etiquette:

  • Obey local laws. Follow regulations governing the use of roads and other public areas. Obtain permission before entering private property.

  • Preserve the environment. Respect our natural environment by staying on sidewalks and paths. Practice "Cache in Trash Out" to help keep our area clean.

  • Respect the geocache. Replace the container exactly as you found it.

  • Log your find. Sign the logbook and share your experience online. If you take something from the cache, leave something of equal or greater value.

  • Keep 'em moving! Only take a trackable item if you are willing to help it travel from geocache to geocache.

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