Virginia's Blue Ridge Bingo

VBR Support Local Bingo

To offer some fun ways for you to be able to experience Virginia’s Blue Ridge and support our great local businesses, we created this special VBR Bingo card!

Many of the activities can be enjoyed virtually and you’ll learn a lot about the region while you play.

Be a #Trailsetter and share your own favorites as you complete each item on the card, or scroll down for some helpful resources and recommendations.

VBR Support Local Bingo

Once you’ve completed the card, take a pic of it and let us know on social media by tagging @visitvbr!

Write a Review for Your Favorite Local Business

Posting reviews online of your favorite local spots is a great way to help support small businesses in Virginia’s Blue Ridge and it’s one of the most effective forms of word-of-mouth advertising. People often check places like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google Reviews, and Facebook to learn more about a business before checking it out, and you could help create a positive first impression before they even walk through the door!

Shop Online From a Local Store

Many local retailers and stores in Virginia’s Blue Ridge offer online shopping options, providing you the opportunity to enjoy a shopping spree from your own couch. Whether it’s a new outfit, the perfect accent piece for your home, or a delicious way to treat yourself, when you shop online, shop local. Check out the list of online shopping options in Virginia’s Blue Ridge >

Order Takeout

You’ll find a huge number of food & beverage businesses in Virginia’s Blue Ridge that are offering some type of takeout, curbside pickup, or delivery service. Support local restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, wineries, bars, distilleries, etc. by placing your next order! Check out our VBR Takeout Maps to find options near you >

Hike a Less Popular Trail

If you’re going to get outside and take a hike, make it a fun adventure by discovering a new trail that could be a hidden gem. With over 1,000 miles of trails in Virginia’s Blue Ridge, there are lots of wonderful options for hiking besides the well-known spots like the Appalachian Trail and Virginia State Parks. For some specific recommendations, take a look at our list of Underrated Hiking Trails in Virginia’s Blue Ridge >

Stream Music from Local Musicians/Bands

Did you know you can jam out to songs from local musicians and bands in Virginia’s Blue Ridge? We have an entire @visitvbr Spotify channel with various playlists, including a recently created playlist that consists entirely of songs from local artists - Virginia’s Blue Ridge - Local Musicians & Bands

The Roanoke Symphony Orchestra also has a great Spotify channel with numerous playlists. RSO Spotify >

Follow 3 Local Businesses on Social Media

Keep up with the cool things happening in Virginia’s Blue Ridge by following local businesses on social media. Many of them regularly share exciting news on platforms like Facebook & Instagram, and we try to feature many of those things on our own @visitvbr Instagram account.

Take Your Dog for a Walk

Get your four-legged friend out for an adventure in Virginia’s Blue Ridge! Many local parks in the region make for fun spots for walking the dog, and you can also take advantage of different neighborhood streets that are pedestrian and pup-friendly. Here are a couple lists of recommendations:

Share Your Favorite Scenic Photo with Us

We’re putting together a collection of special memories and experiences people have had in Virginia’s Blue Ridge with a special page - Share Your Memories. Let us know about memorable moments you’ve enjoyed in the region by posting your photos and tagging us on social media @visitvbr and using the hashtag #Trailsetter.

Roanoke Valley Spotlight

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Put your knowledge of Virginia's Blue Ridge to the test by checking out our collection of VBR Trivia Questions.

Learn about Virginia's Blue Ridge in a fun, educational way with our special VBR Coloring Sheets.

Share the beauty of Virginia's Blue Ridge during your next virtual meeting or video chat by downloading a scenic image that makes for a great Virtual Background!