Featured Exhibits

Taubman Museum of Art ExhbitTake a visual journey through the featured exhibits at the local museums and galleries in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

The variety of museums and galleries in the region provides the opportunity to experience and learn about history and innovation in many different fields, including transportation, African American Culture, art, science, and music.

As a result, the featured exhibits of Virginia's Blue Ridge cover a vast array of topics.

You could spend part of your day learning about black & white railroad photography at one museum, and the rest of the day at another museum learning about the impact of the aviation industry on the state or how the region helped define the roots of bluegrass music.

See artifacts from an ancient Egyptian tomb or stand in awe of paintings and works of art that have been displayed around the world. Discover unique species of animals or the traditions associated with the folklife of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

All these things and more are part of the fabric of Virginia's Blue Ridge, which is what makes it a unique destination and the best option for your next vacation.

The following is a calendar that highlights upcoming featured exhibits in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

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You can also learn more about other events taking place in the region by checking out our calendar of upcoming arts events.

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