Arts & Culture in Downtown Roanoke

Arts & culture are an exciting part of Downtown Roanoke in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

As the metropolitan heart of the region, Downtown Roanoke is home to numerous arts & cultural organizations and event venues, and it also features a variety of great public art pieces.

You can check out performing arts by groups like Mill Mountain Theatre and Roanoke Children’s Theatre, and also enjoy live music at venues like The Spot on Kirk, 5 Points Music Sanctuary, and the Jefferson Center, among many others.

Elmwood Art Walk - Downtown Roanoke

For public art, be sure to take a walk through Elmwood Park and see the sculptures that make up the Elmwood Art Walk (pictured above).

There is also amazing art on display at many museums in Downtown Roanoke, including the Taubman Museum of Art, History Museum of Western Virginia & O. Winston Link Museum, and Harrison Museum of African American Culture, which is located inside the Center in the Square building.

You’ll also find a collection of local art studios and galleries, many of which participate in the monthly Art by Night event series.

Check out the list below to learn more about arts & culture experiences in Downtown Roanoke. 

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