Beer & Wine Shops in Roanoke

Beer & Wine Shops in Virginia’s Blue Ridge

When you want to build a six-pack of a variety of local beers and pick up a few bottles of wine to share with friends and family following your trip to Virginia’s Blue Ridge, pay a visit to our local retail shops.

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There are beer & wine shops throughout the region that carry products from local breweries and wineries, as well as unique brews and wines from around the world. You can also count on friendly staff that provide extensive knowledge and recommendations about the products in stock.

Many of these shops also carry fun swag and merchandise, such as Virginia is for Craft Beer Lovers or Virginia is for Wine Lovers items.

Whether you’re trying to find a local beer that’s similar to your favorite IPA, or you’re hoping to get a cabernet that will pair with your favorite steak, you’ll love the products we make in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. Share your finds with us on social media by using the #VBRcheers hashtag!

In addition to the local shops, there are also grocery stores with impressive craft beer and wine selections.VBR Cheers Trail Passport 

Virginia’s Blue Ridge Cheers Trail

Check out Virginia’s Blue Ridge Cheers Trail for ideas on which local brews and wines you’ll be taking home. The trail includes all of our breweries, wineries, and craft spirits producers in the region.

Sign up for the Cheers Trail Passport Program to take advantage of exclusive deals and great prizes! You can also text 'Cheers' to (540) 253-4311 to download the program. Learn more >


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