Destination Services

CVB MeetingThe destination services in Virginia's Blue Ridge are one of many ways the Roanoke Valley hospitality industry is committed to making our destination, your destination.

One of the benefits of booking an event through Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge is our professional and experienced staff, which can provide you with a variety of support services and connect you with local businesses that offer a wealth of resources.

We work hard to build an entire team of support that will help you accomplish your goals in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

From creating gift baskets to hiring a DJ, catering to tent rentals, you'll be put in contact with all the appropriate people to ensure your meeting in the Roanoke Valley is a tremendous success.

The following pages provide more information and details as it relates to specific types of services that are available in the region.

See below to browse through our comprehensive list of businesses that provide support services to help meet the needs of your meeting or special event.

If you'd like additional assistance, we encourage you to contact a member of our Sales Team.

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