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Events in Downtown Roanoke, VA

Great festivals and special events happen throughout the year in Downtown Roanoke in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

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With spaces like Elmwood Park, Center in the Square, Market Square, local museums & attractions, and various live music venues, you’ll find all types of fun events and things to do in Downtown Roanoke.

There are festivals celebrating food & drink, theatrical performances and live music, art shows, parades, marathons & races, and events that bring the entire community together. 

From weekly bike rides to major, multi-day festivals, the Downtown Roanoke event calendar is packed with activities.

The following is a list of some of the most popular annual events in Downtown Roanoke:

For more information on events taking place in Virginia’s Blue Ridge, you can check out our Calendar of Events for the entire region, as well as a page dedicated to info about events for the Upcoming Weekend.

Header Photo - festival in Elmwood Park

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While we do our best to keep event information on our calendar as up-to-date as possible, we recommend checking the specific event website and social media pages for the most current information.

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