Roanoke Education

Education in Virginia's Blue Ridge

Education is part of the foundation of the Roanoke Valley in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

In addition to our world-class colleges and universities, the region also features terrific local school systems, private institutions, and vocational schools.

Children who attend school in Virginia's Blue Ridge will have tremendous opportunities to reach their dreams because they will receive an education and curriculum that prepares them for the future.

Each of the local schools works its hardest to bring out the best in each student with challenges and new ways of thinking.

With outstanding teachers, extra-curricular programs and clubs, and the support of the local community, education will continue to be a key to the future of Virginia's Blue Ridge.

Combined with the exceptional higher education system in Virginia, an individual who progresses through the entire path of education in this state will be well on the way to a successful career.  

While our public school systems annually rank as some of the best in the state, for families interested in alternative schooling, the Roanoke Valley is home to multiple private schools - both of the religious and non-religious variety.

Local schools also do a fantastic job partnering with businesses within the community to provide students the chance to learn about potential areas of interest in various industries.

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