Blue Ridge Parkway - Now Open!

The National Park Service announced the slope repairs between Milepost 121.4 and 136 are complete and the entire portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Roanoke Region is now open to motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. Please be mindful of wildlife when traveling in the area. National Park Service News Release >


Blue Ridge Parkway Hiking Trails in Virginia

The Blue Ridge Parkway isn't only one of the most scenic drives in the world - it also features many fantastic hiking trails.

When you travel along the Blue Ridge Parkway through Virginia, there are endless opportunities to stop and take in the incredible beauty and peacefulness of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Many of the hiking trails lead to breathtaking peaks and views that offer a different perspective than what you'll find from staying in the comfort of your vehicle.

For those with a more adventurous spirit, which is highly encouraged in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, a hiking trail is a welcome activity when spending time on the Blue Ridge Parkway.Blue Ridge Parkway Hiking Trails

The trails along the Parkway help make up the over 600 miles of hiking trails in Virginia's Blue Ridge!

The following is a list of the hiking trails located on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

*Mileage indicates the length of the trail one-way unless otherwise noted.

5.9  Mountain Farm Trail
(Self-guiding from Humpback Visitor Center to pioneer farmstead) 
0.25  Easy 
6.0  Appalachian Trail
(Humpback Gap parking area to Humpback Mountain - Elevation: 3,650 feet) 
2.0  Strenuous 
8.4  Catocin Loop Trail
(Leg stretcher) 
0.3  Moderate 
8.8  Greenstone Trail
(Self-guiding; Greenstone geology formation; oak hickory forest) 
0.2  Moderate 
17.6  The Priest
(Scenic view) 
0.1  Easy 
18.5  White Rock Falls Trail Connection  2.9  Moderate 
20.0  White Rock Falls Trail
(Follows stream to small falls) 
0.9  Moderate 
26.3  Big Spy Mountain
(Scenic view of the Shenandoah Valley; good for sky watching) 
0.1  Moderate 
34.4  Yankee Horse
(Leads to logging exhibit and small waterfall) 
0.2  Moderate 
38.8  Boston Knob
(Leg stretcher) 
0.1  Easy 
47.5  Indian Gap
(Leads to Indian Rocks; good seasonal rhododendron display) 
0.3  Moderate 
55.2  White Oak Flats
(Leg stretcher) 
0.1  Easy 
60.8  Otter Creek Trail
(Begins at Otter Creek Campground) 
3.5  Moderate 
63.1  Otter Lake Trail
(Around Otter Lake) 
0.8  Moderate 
63.6  James River Trail
(Self-guiding to canal locks) 
0.2  Easy 
63.6  Trail of Trees Trail
(Self-guiding to James River Overlook) 
0.5  Moderate 
74.7  Thunder Ridge Trail
(Leg stretcher loop to view of Arnold Valley) 
0.1  Easy 
78.4  Apple Orchard Falls Trail
(Sunset Field Overlook to view of Apple Orchard Falls) 
1.2  Strenuous 
79.7  Onion Mountain Loop Trail
(Leg stretcher through Appalachian deciduous forest) 
0.1  Easy 
83.1  Fallingwater Cascades Trail
(Loop view of the cascades) 
1.6  Moderate 
83.5  Flat Top Trail
(Leads to the highest of three peaks in the area) 
4.4  Moderate 
85.7  Abbott Lake Trail
(Loop around Abbott Lake) 
1.0  Easy 
85.9  Elk Run Trail
(Self-guiding loop nature trail) 
0.8  Easy 
85.9  Johnson Farm Loop Trail
(Loop to restored farm) 
2.1  Easy 
86.0  Sharp Top Trail
(From camp store to summit of Sharp Top Mountain - Elevation: 3,875 feet; 360-degree panoramic view) 
1.5  Strenuous 
91.0  Appalachian Trail
(VA-695 to Sharp Top Mountain Overlook) 
1.9  Moderate 
92.5  Appalachian Trail
(Sharp Top Mountain Overlook to Harvey's Knob Overlook) 
2.9  Moderate 
95.4  Appalachian Trail
(Harvey's Knob Overlook to Montvale Overlook) 
0.6  Moderate 
95.9  Appalachian Trail
(Montvale Overlook to Taylor's Mountain Overlook) 
1.0  Moderate 
96.0  Spec Mine Trail
(Trail begins near Montvale Overlook to State Rt. 645 in Botetourt County) 
2.8  Strenuous 
97.0  Appalachian Trail
(Taylor's Mountain Overlook to Blackhorse Gap) 
0.8  Moderate 
110.6  Stewarts Knob Trail
(Scenic View) 
0.05  Easy 
114.9  Roanoke River Trail
(Self-guiding river loop) 
0.35  Easy 
120.4  Roanoke Mountain Summit Trail
(Scenic view) 
0.11  Moderate 
120.5  Chestnut Ridge Trail
(Adjacent to Roanoke Mountain campground) 
1.75  Moderate 
121.4  Roanoke Valley Horse Trail
(Begins at US 220 and parallels the Parkway to Milepost 110.6) 
18.5  Moderate 
123.2  Buck Mountain Trail
(Summit view) 
0.53  Moderate 
154.5  Smart View Loop Trail
(Around picnic area) 
2.6  Moderate 
167.1  Rock Castle Gorge Trail
(Loop from campground along ridge over Rocky Knob and into the gorge for a 7-mile return to the campground) 
10.8  Strenuous 
169.0  Black Ridge Trail
(Rocky Knob Visitor Center to Black Ridge to Grassy Knoll and back) 
3.1  Moderate 
169.0  Rocky Knob Picnic Loop Trail
(Leg stretcher) 
1.0  Easy 
176.2  Mountain Industry Trail
(Mabry Mill) 
0.5  Easy 
179.2  Round Meadow Creek Loop Trail
(Walk through stream bottom forest) 
0.5  Moderate 
Roanoke Region Spotlight

Over 600 miles of hiking & biking trails have earned us the title of "Best Trail Town" in the Blue Ridge Mountains.