LOVEworks in Virginia's Blue Ridge

Virginia LOVE Signs in Virginia's Blue Ridge

There are many unique LOVEworks in Virginia’s Blue Ridge and more than 200 across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Why not get a start on your #LOVEVA photo collection right here with us?

Some of Virginia’s early LOVEworks appeared in Virginia’s Blue Ridge like the railroad-inspired creation in downtown Roanoke on Market Street. Designed by Eric Fitzpatrick, it portrays the rail history that fueled area growth and the creation of iconic landmarks like The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center

On the flip side, one of the most recent LOVEworks can be found in VBR as well. A trip to Natural Bridge State Park now includes a Mark Cline-designed LOVE featuring Lace Falls rolling into Cedar Creek as it flows beneath the towering limestone arch on its way to the James River.

You can also snap a selfie in front of the wonderfully creative LOVEwork at Roanoke’s Black Dog Salvage.

The LOVE letters of the region are a great representation of our local communities and culture, and what makes them special places to visit and explore. You’ll find tributes to the outdoors, arts, history, music, sports, food & drink, and more.

An entire visit to Virginia’s Blue Ridge could be built around checking out the different LOVEworks in the region and it will introduce you to many wonderful local businesses and experiences.

Catalog your LOVEwork adventures by adding #LOVEVA and #Trailsetter to any photos you share on social media. Happy hunting!

Check out the map below for a list of our local LOVEworks in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. Visit the Virginia is for Lovers website for a comprehensive of 200+ LOVEworks around the state.

You can also scroll down this page for a complete list of locations and descriptions.

LOVEworks by Bike Route

RIDE Solutions created a special LOVEworks by Bike self-guided bicycle route to combine the fun of a bike ride in Virginia's Blue Ridge with some LOVEspotting! It's a 14.1-mile ride that includes stops at 5 LOVEworks locations, including four permanent pieces and one temporary location for a special event.

The route also features the opportunity to bike along the scenic Roanoke River Greenway, enjoy a beautiful view of the iconic Roanoke Star, ride through Downtown Roanoke, and enjoy the small-town charm of Vinton. If you need an option for bike rentals, Roanoke Mountain Adventures is a local outfitter in Roanoke's Wasena Neighborhood that is located along the route.

The route was created through the Ride With GPS program. Check out the RIDE Solutions website for a full list of other great local bicycle routes in the region!

Roanoke Region Spotlight

Amazing galleries, live music, and performances!

Extend your visit with an overnight stay in Virginia's Blue Ridge.