Natural Bridge State Park

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The LOVEworks art is one of many amazing photo opportunities when you visit the Natural Bridge State Park. The four letters depict the water that flows from Lace Falls down Cedar Creek under the Natural Bridge, where it formed the arch, and on to the James River. The LOVE demonstrates how all of nature is connected together, bringing awareness to its beauty. Natural Bridge is considered a sacred site to the native Monacan people. According to Monacan legend, their tribal ancestors were running through the forest to escape an enemy tribe and came to a cliff as the attackers pursued them. They closed their eyes and prayed, and when they opened their eyes, the stone bridge had appeared across the chasm, allowing the women and children to escape as the warriors fought off the enemy.

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Things to Do
  • Directions: From I-81, take exit 175 or 180A to U.S. 11 and follow signs to the park. Drive Time: Northern Virginia, three and a half hours; Richmond, two hours; Tidewater/Norfolk/Virginia Beach, four hours; Roanoke, 30 minutes.
  • Major Access Routes: I-81, US-11
  • Miles from I-81: 2
Things to Do
  • Monday Hours: 8am-dusk
  • Tuesday Hours: 8am-dusk
  • Wednesday Hours: 8am-dusk
  • Thursday Hours: 8am-dusk
  • Friday Hours: 8am-dusk
  • Saturday Hours: 8am-dusk
  • Sunday Hours: 8am-dusk
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