Roanoke Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture of Virginia's Blue Ridge

The arts & culture scene in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia's Blue Ridge is vibrant, innovative, and exciting. That's because we're home to the widest variety of music and cultural activities you'll find in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Is it a violin? Or a fiddle? In Virginia's Blue Ridge, it's both.

The calendar is full of events that celebrate the arts, including an incredible selection of live music, performing arts and special exhibitions at local galleries and museums.

From bluegrass and funk music to impressionist paintings and ballet, it's all part of the palette of Virginia's Blue Ridge.

Prepare to be overtaken by our contagious cultural scene during your next visit.

For those with kids, we hope you'll make arts & culture part of a family vacation in the region by taking advantage of the kid friendly arts & culture experiences! You can also fill your camera roll with pictures of visits to unique pieces of local Virginia LOVEworks art.

Learn more in the following sections to receive an introduction of the Arts & Culture in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

Header photo - LOVEworks art at Black Dog Salvage.

The following is a complete list of attractions, organizations and experiences that make up the arts community in the region.

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