Roanoke History Itinerary

History Itinerary for Virginia's Blue Ridge

As one of the oldest states in the Union, Virginia has a wealth of history and heritage, and the Roanoke Valley in Virginia's Blue Ridge is proud to be part of that history.

The region boasts a unique railroad heritage and the culture of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains has been shaped by the character and traditions of multiple generations.

A fantastic collection of museums and historical sites provides visitors the wonderful opportunity to experience the history and heritage of our area.

The following three-day guide offers a multitude of ideas on how to enjoy a trip built around the history of Virginia's Blue Ridge.

Day One

The following activities are all located within close proximity to Interstate 81, which travels north/south through Virginia's Blue Ridge.

Day Two

Day Three

  • Explore the rich railroad history of the Roanoke Valley by visiting many spots in Downtown Roanoke.

  • Walk through The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center, constructed in 1882 by the Norfolk & Western Railroad Company and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Tour the O. Winston Link Museum and learn about the life and work of the man who gave us so many beautiful black & white railroad photographs.

  • Learn about the defining moments for the transportation industry in the state by visiting the Virginia Museum of Transportation.

  • Sample various products and meet the special people who make up the Historic Roanoke City Market - which began in 1882 and has been recognized as a "Great American Public Place."

For more fun activities, visit our page about History & Heritage in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

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