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Group Overlook - Plan a TourDon't wait to plan a tour of the Roanoke Valley in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

The region's natural beauty, first-class hospitality, quality lodging options, diverse attractions, and walkable downtown districts make it a unique destination and experience for groups from around the world.

When you bring your group to Virginia's Blue Ridge, you can count on visitors having a great time enjoying what it means to have a Blue Ridge Day.

The following resources can help you begin planning your tour of Virginia's Blue Ridge.


We've provided a variety of maps to help you navigate your way to, and through, Virginia's Blue Ridge. From finding the best points to drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, to locating the most convenient hotels and attractions, these maps feature detailed information about where things are located in the region. We also have specific Motorcoach Directions for getting to the Virginia's Blue Ridge Visitor Information Center.

Guiding Notes

Become more familiar with Virginia's Blue Ridge by reading through our Guiding Notes. Learn about the history and key points of interest in the area, as well as group-friendly annual events and things your group won't want to miss.

Step-On Guides

A great way to learn about and experience Virginia's Blue Ridge is by booking a step-on guided tour of the area. Learn more about how to book a guide and the various types of services offered.

Sample Itineraries

We feature a wonderful collection of sample itineraries that can serve as a basis for planning your tour of the region. Between day trips, adventure tours, culinary tours, and hub & spoke tours, there are multiple ways to spend your time in the Roanoke Valley.

Group Tour Profile

Our Group Tour Profile provides a fantastic overview of Virginia's Blue Ridge, with helpful information about key points of interest, destination facts, annual events and more. This PDF document can also be easily downloaded and shared to spread the word about the region.

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From questions to parking and where to get the best views, to how to find the Visitor Center, the Frequently Asked Questions section will provide helpful answers and information to the questions regularly asked by tour planners.

For more information, please visit our Contact Us page and our team will follow up with you to answer your questions and provide additional assistance.

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