Blue Ridge Mountains Motorcycle Rides

Motorcycle Rides in Virginia's Blue Ridge

The Roanoke Roanoke in Virginia's Blue Ridge is the ultimate destination for motorcycle touring.

What makes the region a perfect place to ride?

Some riders like to soak up the scenery. Others like to hug the curves. Some might choose tree-lined roads where you're as likely to see a deer as a car. Others prefer historic towns and country barns. Or maybe a carpet of city lights from a perch high atop a mountain.

In Virginia's Blue Ridge, one 50-mile stretch serves up an asphalt buffet to cover just about every taste for motorcycle enthusiasts. It's a ride that will throw you a curve or give it to you straight. And it certainly has its ups and downs. All wrapped around the ultimate American biking pilgrimage - the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Although you won't want to stop, you'll have plenty of great choices when you do. Whether you choose a first-class hotel or cozy bed and breakfast, you'll find hospitable places to kick back for the night.

You'll also find periodic gatherings of riding clubs, including a British Motorcycle Club and Christian Motorcycle Riders Association. The region also regularly hosts rallies and conventions that attract motorcycle enthusiasts from around the country.

When describing Virginia's Blue Ridge as a motorcycling destination, Pamela Collins wrote in this RoadBike Magazine feature:

"Its variety offers motorcyclists so many different reasons to ride, all in one terrific area, with one of the most famous roads in the country linking them together - no formal invitations or RSVPs required."

We've put together a few sample rides to get you started on your two-wheel tour, but it's just a beginning. You'll discover a lot more to make your motor purr as you explore Virginia's Blue Ridge.

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