Roanoke, VA - Gravel Adventure Field Guide

Your Gravel Adventure Awaits in Virginia's Blue Ridge

Plan your next gravel cycling trip with the help of our Gravel Adventure Field Guide and explore all the gravel goodness our region has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned gravel aficionado or “gravel curious”, all are welcome!

The Gravel Adventure Field Guide is designed to introduce you to what’s possible in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. Our edition of the guide combines art, history and adventures by gravel bike to highlight the exquisite scenery and cultural richness of our community.

The 10 routes featured in the guide are a curated collection of varying distances and difficulty levels. However, the guide is just the beginning of what’s available for exploration. Please check our Ride with GPS account often for new routes.

You can order a copy of the guide here.

Roanoke Region Spotlight

The road to Paris for women's cycling starts in Virginia's Blue Ridge!