Roanoke Biking Events

Biking Events in Virginia's Blue Ridge

Mark your calendar for the upcoming biking events in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia's Blue Ridge!

With incredible trails for mountain biking and scenic roadways for road biking and cycling, it's always bike season in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and there's always an exciting upcoming event that celebrates our unique bike culture.

Whether you're looking to check out the latest biking gear at the Roanoke GO Outside Festival, test your skills at the local cyclocross course, or make new friends at themed rides like the weekly Disco Ride or Beer Ride, it's all part of the fun in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

The following are some of our biggest annual biking events:

  • Mountain Cross - February
  • Fishburn Park Kids Series - April
  • Hill Week - April
  • Middle Mountain Mama - May
  • Disco Race Series on Mill Mountain - May
  • Fat Tire Weekend at Falling Creek Park - June
  • Star City Gran Fondo - August
  • Throwdown in Tanktown - September
  • Go Cross Cyclocross Race - October
  • Creature from Carvins Cove - October
  • Go Outside Festival - October
  • Rowdy Dawg Mountain Bike Race - October

The region also hosts other festivals and events related to biking that aren't just focused on riding, such as the annual Bike Shorts Film Festival and Le Tour De Roanoke - a guided tour featuring some of the city's best local eateries.

Check out the calendar below to learn more about upcoming biking events in Virginia's Blue Ridge. The Blue Ridge Bicycle Club and Roanoke IMBA organizations also both maintain active calendars with information about group riding opportunities.

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Roanoke Valley Spotlight

Explore epic trails and discover what makes Virginia's Blue Ridge the America's East Coast Mountain Biking Capital!

Check out the Biking section of the Roanoke Outside website for more great info and resources related to cycling in Virginia's Blue Ridge.