Is there a better time than right now to seek out a sweet treat? No. There isn’t. Regardless of weather or temperature, now is always a good time for a cupcake, ice cream, float, or other sinfully sweet indulgence crafted with love in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. 

Bubblecake Bake Shop | Roanoke

A selection of 30+ flavors of whimsical cupcakes (pictured above) are crafted daily at Bubblecake. Choose a size (both happy and sad days call for a BIG, just so you know) and take either one or a dozen. For what it’s worth, “Black & Blue” is much more delightful than its name lets on. Dive in to a blueberry-filled lemon cake smothered in blackberry buttercream and tell me I’m wrong.

In addition to cupcakes, Bubblecake also offers pies, cookie sandwiches, and other specialty items.

Champloo Desserts | Salem

It’s fun to whip up a cool concoction of ingredients and then watch a skilled artist handroll it into ice cream. If you’ve never had that experience, you need to find yourself at Champloo Desserts in a hurry. These Thai-style ice cream creations are tasty and very photogenic – perfect for the Instagram feed. It’s your choice if you go plain Jane, fruity, or out on a limb with a Champloo Original like Green Tea, which is probably what you’d expect with green tea pocky, matcha powder and whipped cream. Delicious!

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Bayou Snowballs | Roanoke


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Let the good times roll with a snowball in Downtown Roanoke! Bayou Snowballs is located in the City Market Building and specializes in Louisiana-style shaved ice. Instead of the typical snow cone, a snowball features finely shaved ice that looks and feels like a cup of snow. The texture is perfect for absorbing the house-made syrups, which can be blended for unique flavors, such as cherry & lime or strawberry & coconut. Sugar-free syrups are available, and they also have ice cream and milkshakes.

Homestead Creamery | Wirtz

A favorite in Virginia’s Blue Ridge and beyond is Homestead Creamery. Where else can you visit the farm to see the cows who give the milk to make the ice cream you’re about to eat? Be sure to take home a glass jug of milk (in a few flavors!) and talk sweet to the calves if they’re nearby. If you’re lucky, you could pick up a double scoop and grab a spot in one of the rocking chairs on the front patio.

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On the Rise Bakery | Grandin Village and Market Street in Roanoke 

Some folks live for a good coconut cake. If that’s your jam, tell us what you think of On the Rise’s version. They call it Coco Loco and it’s a wonderfully light dessert that pairs ever so well with a Café au Lait. We once heard someone describe the On the Rise coconut cake as “made by angels” and we're not here to dispute it.

Kippy’s Kustard | Roanoke

Kippy's Kustard

Sometimes you want a simple cone of frozen custard, and Kippy’s Kustard is the place to get just that. (I’ll take the classic swirl, please!) Krazy Kippy Koncoctions are available, too, like Krazy Kippy itself. Make a banana split or fill up with a shake at this local favorite.

chocolatepaper | Roanoke

You know you'll leave with something delicious when you visit chocolatepaper on Market Street in downtown Roanoke, but the hard part is deciding which sweet treats to take with you. The hand-made truffles and chocolate-covered items all hit the spot, and you can also order gift baskets that make for wonderful souvenirs or special items for friends & family.

Hollywood’s Restaurant & Bakery | Roanoke

The peanut butter pie at Hollywood’s Restaurant & Bakery in Hollins is…simply…[chef’s kiss.] The peanut butter filling is so creamy that you’d almost think you’re eating a peanut cheesecake, and it’s the perfect combination of sweet and salty flavor with rich texture.

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The Candy Store | Roanoke

When there’s just no room for dessert (who are you people?!), go for the candy bar closest to our hearts, The Candy Store. From vintage classics like Zotz to bulk jelly beans and big lollipops, there is surely a favorite treat in store for you.

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Kupkakery | Rocky Mount

At Kupkakery a cupcake is a kupkake, and on any given day there’s a case full of variety to choose from. More than 30 recipes are on rotation. Perhaps a post-hike, #Trailsetter treat would be a S’more Happy Kamper kupkake? It’s an indulgence of chocolate kake, marshmallow kream, chocolate butter kream icing, actual marshmallows, more chocolate, and graham krackers. It’s soooo good, ‘k?

Pop’s Ice Cream & Soda Bar | Roanoke

Add a dash of old school nostalgia to your out-and-about adventures when you pop in to Pop’s Ice Cream & Soda Bar in Grandin Village. Frequently honored with hails of “best ice cream” and “best milkshake” on local awards lists, Pop’s has also been included in a “Best of the South” issue of Oxford American Magazine. We’re warning you ahead of time that it will be hard to choose which treat to splurge on, but we highly suggest you take advantage of the deliciousness that flows from the 1938 Bastian Blessing Soda Fountain. The creativity of the floats the folks at Pop’s create never cease to amaze.

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Salem Ice Cream Parlor | Salem

Salem Ice Cream Parlor

Diehard Hershey’s Ice Cream fans flock to Salem Ice Cream Parlor for those classic creamy flavors. Choose a cone or make it a shake or sundae from their impressive menu of options, then head out to the porch to relish the moment in a rocking chair. It’s a great way to pass the time.

Blue Cow Ice Cream | Roanoke

Blue Cow specializes in artisan, small batch flavors of ice cream, and they specialize in it quite well. Flavors like strawberry balsamic, red rooster coffee with chocolate chip, and goat cheese with blueberry swirl are favorites throughout the year, and there are also fun seasonal flavors, such as toasted coconut with white chocolate or banana puddin’. Any of them are perfect in a freshly made waffle cone and a walk along the Roanoke River Greenway.

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There’s no telling which of these you’ll hit first, but maybe you’ll show us? These sweet treats are worthy of a photo, so fingers crossed you’ll tag us when you spring for one of them.

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