You’ll be amazed at the different kinds of soup you can find in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

The variety of soups is a great indication of the culinary creativity that exists in the region, which offers unique flavors from around the world.

Whether it’s the influences of Latin America, East Asia, the Middle East, or traditional Southern favorites, a bowl of soup in Virginia’s Blue Ridge could send your tastebuds anywhere in the world!

Here is a list of the best local restaurants to visit for your next bowl of soup.

Three Li’l Pigs Barbeque

Three Li'l Pigs

What You’re Getting: Brunswick Stew
You can find this traditional Southern favorite at Three Li’l Pigs, one of the best local restaurants for BBQ in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. The Brunswick Stew features pork, chicken, and fresh vegetables and boasts that delicious combination of smoky and sweet. A bowl of stew also comes with a couple hushpuppies, but why resist the urge to order a few more?

The Regency Room at The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center

The Regency Room's Peanut Soup

What You’re Getting: Peanut Soup
Known as one of the signature flavors of Virginia’s Blue Ridge, the peanut soup has been on the menu at The Regency Room in The Hotel Roanoke since 1940. It celebrates the rich agricultural heritage of the peanut in Virginia and pairs well with a side of spoonbread, another iconic dish of the region. It’s a rich dish that will be the perfect start of your meal at this elegant restaurant.

Viet Sub


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What You’re Getting: Pho
Pho in Virginia’s Blue Ridge?! You bet! Viet Sub is well-known for its delicious Banh Mi sandwiches, but the restaurant also whips up a tasty bowl of pho. Rice noodles are served with sliced bottom round steak in a hot bowl of beef broth, and then you add in basil, bean sprouts, and jalapenos to suit your preferences.

419 West


What You’re Getting: Brick Oven Roasted Tomato & Blue Cheese Bisque
We keep our vegetarian visitors in mind with the Brick Oven Roasted Tomato & Blue Cheese Bisque at 419 West. The blue cheese crumbles on top of the soup offer a unique texture and sharp flavor that compliments the creamy base of the tomato bisque. 

Alejandro’s Mexican Grill

Alejandro's - Caldo de Pollo

What You’re Getting: Caldo de Pollo
Warm yourself up with a bowl of Caldo de Pallo at Alejandro’s Mexican Grill, which has multiple locations in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. It’s a Mexican soup packed with flavor that includes shredded chicken, rice, vegetables and a chipotle pepper. For extra heat, add in a few of your favorite blends from the salsa bar.

On the Rise Bakery

On the Rise Bakery

What You’re Getting: Tomato Cheddar
If you grew up on tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, this is the dish for you. The Tomato Cheddar soup at On the Rise Bakery in Downtown Roanoke combines both classic flavors with a rich soup that brings together the zest of the tomato and creaminess of cheddar cheese. You’ll also receive a fresh-baked roll for dipping.

Taaza Indian Cuisine


What You’re Getting: Rasam
Rasam is a traditional Indian soup that traces its origins from Southern India. Tamarind and tomato serve as the primary base for the dish, which is then enhanced with chili pepper, cumin, curry leaves, tumeric and other spices. It’s a great option for the adventurous eater and it’s also rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Cuban Island Restaurant

Cuban Island

What You’re Getting: Black Bean Soup
Begin your Cuban feast with a bowl of the black bean soup at Cuban Island Restaurant on Williamson Road! It’s a hearty dish with rich black bean flavor and the beans provide a good change of texture, a perfect first course before a dish of ropa vieja and tres leches cake.

Cafe Asia

Cafe Asia

What You’re Getting: Tom Yam Soup
Get ready for some spice when you order the Tom Yam Soup at Cafe Asia. It’s a sweet, sour and spicy combination of flavors that includes jumbo shrimp, fresh mushrooms, lemongrass, cilantro and is then garnished with a celery stalk. 

Tacos Rojas

Tacos Rojas

What You’re Getting: Menudo
Did you know some of the best Mexican food in Virginia’s Blue Ridge can be found in a convenience store? Tacos Rojas serves a variety of authentic south of the border favorites, including Menudo, a traditional Mexican stew that features hominy and tripe. There are also sides of salsa, cilantro, onions and rice that can be mixed with the stew.

Check out our Restaurants section to find more unique flavors in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. You can also refer to our Food & Drink Itinerary to help plan a foodcation!

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