NEWS FLASH: Before the term “selfie” was coined, we were all taking selfies. You can admit it (we won’t tell). You contorted your arms to turn your camera back toward you in an effort to snap a shot with a loved one because no one else was around to take the pic. 

Nowadays, we have selfie sticks, light up camera cases, and who knows what else to help us not only take the perfect selfie, but take it in a way that it looks like we didn’t. 

We’ve come a long way, baby.

To the selfie-ers out there, this list is our gift to you. Rock on with your bad self.

Here are some of the best spots to snap a selfie in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

1. Roanoke Star | Roanoke

Roanoke Star

Iconic, historic, and brightly illuminated, the Roanoke Star on Mill Mountain is the quintessential selfie spot in all of Virginia’s Blue Ridge. There’s no other place like it in the world, so why would you not take a selfie?

2. McAfee Knob | Catawba

You work your buns off to get out to the Knob, rub elbows with others trying to do the same, and lo and behold, you have your *angels singing* moment. Yes! Yes! This is the place you’ve seen on a movie cover! This is the place you see all over Instagram. This is the place you will be unashamed to take a selfie and relish the moment. You go, girl.

3. The Natural Bridge | Natural Bridge State Park

Why take a selfie at Natural Bridge? It’s only been called one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, mentioned in Moby Dick, and initialed by none other than George Washington. A selfie here is a no-brainer. You could even pretend you’re holding it.

4. Cascade Falls | Pembroke

Waterfalls are ALWAYS selfie worthy and don’t you let a soul tell you otherwise. This waterfall is 69 feet high and includes a wade pool at the bottom, so yeah. Go have fun and take all the splashing, sunbathing selfies you want.

5. The Rooftop at Center in the Square | Downtown Roanoke

If you haven’t been on the roof at Center in the Square, you’re missing some cool views. Who wouldn’t love a shot of themselves on a rooftop with their hair blowing in the breeze? Selfies on the roof are lit. 

6. On a Boat at Smith Mountain Lake

You know how celebrities chill on a boat and snap a pic like “Oh, hey. Just doing Thursday.” Yes you know. Go ahead and live it up for the weekend. Rent a boat, take a brush to comb out the tangles from the ride, and then strike a pose. The Kardashians don’t have anything on you, bae.

7. Roaring Run Falls | Eagle Rock

Didn’t we already discuss this? Waterfall selfies are always cool. Roaring Run Trail leads to an old 19th century iron ore furnace, has cool footbridges for crossing the water…so many selfie ops, so little time.

8. Grandin Theatre | Roanoke

If neon lights excite you, you’ll want to hit up the Star first and then head down to Grandin Theatre. The exterior is a dream, but get your nighttime angle right so we can still see your face. Inside is iconic art deco. You’ll drool over the details, seriously.

9. A Sporting Event


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One awesome thing about Virginia’s Blue Ridge is the number of high level sports teams there are to watch. If baseball is your thing, head to Salem and selfie with the Salem Red Sox. Hockey fans will undoubtedly love pics with the Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs duking it out with their opponents in the background, and everyone knows this is HOKIE COUNTRY. That’s right. Jump to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” as the Virginia Tech football team takes the field at Lane Stadium. Of course, you’ll have to stop jumping to get a good selfie, so … yeah. You got this.

10. James River Swinging Bridge | Buchanan

Daredevil much? Some folks just can’t hack it…a narrow swinging bridge over the James River. But you can. Head on out and show them what you’ve got. #SelfieOrItDidntHappen

11. Upper James River Water Trail | Botetourt County


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How many of your friends kayak or paddleboard? Either take them with you or throw them a “wish you were here” on Snapchat. They will drool to see you doin’ your thang with the beauty of Virginia’s Blue Ridge as your backdrop. For an equally glamorous, envy-inducing shot that’s more chill, try tubing. Twin River Outfitters has everything you need.

12. Virginia Museum of Transportation | Downtown Roanoke

These steel horses are still able to leave the stable from time to time, but when they’re in the station, that’s when you can pounce for your selfie. I’m talking about the big steam engines - the N&W Class-J 611 and the Class-A 1218 - both irreplaceable as they’re the last ones of their classes still in existence.

13. The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center | Downtown Roanoke

The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center is the grand dame of the city and she still shines as a gem on the hill. Whether you’re staying the night, attending an event, or enjoying a meal, any reason to step on the premises is also a reason to take a selfie. No detail is ever overlooked at this Tudor-style historic treasure; she’s always ready for her close up.

14. Enchanted Forest at Carvins Cove | Roanoke

Lush green undergrowth and towering mature trees give you the lightbulb moment you need when you ask yourself, “why’s it called the Enchanted Forest?” Truly, it appears fairies must dwell here, but actually, mountain bikers shred this singletrack trail with a bit of intensity. Wander through if you wish, but if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

15. With FOOD, of course!

There are people who take pictures of their food and there are those who take selfies while eating their food. We can think of a few places where the food is so awesome it deserves your bulging eyes peering over a bite. 

For example, you could nosh on a gigantic slice of pizza at Benny’s, or get a classic Bowl With at Texas Tavern (that’d be a bowl of “chile” with onions). You won’t go wrong with the food or your awesome mouth-watering selfie, there’s no doubt.

Map of Locations

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