The visitvbr Instagram page is a great place to get a preview and sense of all the amazing experiences you can find in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

One of our favorite things about the page is that it's full of posts and pictures other people share with us by tagging @visitvbr in their posts or using one of our destination hashtags, #trailsetter & #visitvbr.

Our feed features people having all kinds of adventures in the Blue Ridge Mountains, including taking in stunning scenic views and exploring epic trails, showcasing the best of what the region has to offer.

The following list spotlights the most liked posts on our Instagram page in 2021.

1. Spring at Natural Bridge

Original post: @emijojohnson

Natural Bridge State Park is home to the iconic Natural Bridge, one of the most stunning natural wonders of Virginia's Blue Ridge. Standing under the 215 natural arch is an unforgettable scene.

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2. Snow on Mill Mountain

Original post: @heartandspadeforge

Jed Curtis typically uses his Heart & Spade Forge Instagram page to showcase his gorgeous, heirloom skillets and cookware that he crafts by hand at his Heart & Spade Forge shop in Roanoke, but we sure are glad he took a second to share this beautiful view of a snowy drive up Roanoke's Mill Mountain.

We love when Virginia's Blue Ridge becomes a winter wonderland!

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3. Dragon's Tooth

Original post: @visitvbr | Photographer: @joe.the.eskimo

This post features Dragon's Tooth, one of three incredible hikes along the Appalachian Trail that make up the Virginia Triple Crown, along with McAfee Knob and Tinker Cliffs.

Hiking all three legs of the Triple Crown is one of the most popular activities for visitors to our region, particularly those who are into hiking. 

To help avoid overcrowding along these popular trails, we'd strongly encourage those who are able to plan their visits and hikes for days that are less crowded - such as mid-week. 

It helps prevent parking issues, overcrowding on the trails and people stepping off trail when passing others, and it also helps provide a more enjoyable experience when you have the opportunity to relax and take in the solitude of the outdoors.

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4. Fall Colors at the Peaks of Otter

Original post: @visitvbr | Photographer: @itsmissjenny

The fall colors were a little slow to arrive in 2021, but once they started to shine, it was one of the most beautiful fall foliage seasons the region has experienced in many years.

We loved seeing so many gorgeous images of the leaves throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains, including this view from the Peaks of Otter looking out over Abbott Lake toward Sharp Top Mountain.

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5. Thunder Ridge Overlook

Original post: @brookeleadbetter

Located at Milepost 74 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Thunder Ridge Overlook provides one of the most breathtaking views of Virginia's Blue Ridge. It's a stunning look at the Arnold Valley, approximately 2,600 feet below, and surrounding mountains that can be viewed to the west.

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6. Illuminights - Winter Walk of Lights

Original post: @visitvbr | Photographer: @itsmissjenny

The Illuminights: Winter Walk of Lights at Roanoke County's Explore Park has quickly become one of the signature events of the holiday season in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

It's a magical walk through the woods along a 1/2 mile trail that features over 600,000 dazzling lights and unique displays, providing lots of opportunities for fun photos.

The path is ADA accessible, stroller friendly, and well-behaved pets on leash are allowed, making it a great holiday experience for the entire family & friends.

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7. Colorful Rocks at Carvins Cove

Original post: @kacie_shifflett

You might know about Carvins Cove for its network of awesome trails for mountain biking & trail running or as a great location for fishing & paddling, but it's also full of natural beauty, including under the water.

The high water quality is also part of why the reservoir at Carvins Cove is one of the primary sources of drinking water for the Roanoke Valley and why there are restrictions on water access & usage in the park.

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8. Natural Bridge State Park

Original post: @staysandgetaways

In her post featuring this awesome view of the Natural Bridge, Julia of Stays & Getaways described Natural Bridge State Park as "hands down my favorite state park I've visited in VA." If you haven't already been, she recommends adding it to your bucket list.

If you have already been, we recommend seeing it in all four seasons!

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9. Relaxing at Smith Mountain Lake

Original post: @jennnowalk

Renting a house at Smith Mountain Lake and gathering around a firepit on the patio is the perfect way to enjoy a getaway to Virginia's Blue Ridge. Plan your next visit and discover why Smith Mountain Lake was recently named the Prettiest Lake in Virginia by Reader's Digest.

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10. Glamping at The Depot Lodge

Original post: @depotlodge

The Depot Lodge in Paint Bank offers a wonderful variety of unique lodging options, including some amazing setups for glamping.

This picture showcases the Creekside Camp tent, a luxurious experience that includes a beautifully decorated interior with a king size bed, gas fireplace, private bath with teak shower, and an outdoor shower. It also has a 360-degree wraparound porch with rockers and a view of Potts Creek.

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One of the best things about social media is that it helps provide an opportunity to introduce people to amazing places and experiences in our region. However, we also know that exposure on platforms like our Instagram page can lead to natural sites being overwhelmed and loved to death.

Please help us keep these locations enjoyable for the future by doing your part to Recreate Responsibly and follow the The 7 Principles of Leave No Trace. This includes staying on marked trail areas, respecting the surrounding wildlife and natural environment, and packing out all trash.