Be a Trailsetter - Virginia's Blue Ridge

Virginia's Blue Ridge is a reminder to us all that there's still adventure out there. Still wide open spaces to explore where you can be a trailsetter.

Virginia’s Blue Ridge is made up of the City of Roanoke at its heart and surrounding communities within an hour radius. The region offers a refined, authentic, Metro Mountain adventure nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

It’s a premier destination for outdoor recreation and is America’s East Coast Mountain Biking Capital - our International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Silver-Level Ride Center designation says so! Roanoke is also the largest city along the Appalachian Trail and Virginia's Blue Ridge is an incredible region for hiking

We raise our glasses to the good life with an amazing craft beverage Cheers Trail, renowned restaurants with outstanding flavors and a thriving arts scene with live music and world-class performances for every type of Trailsetter.

Enjoy the ride. Choose your own path. Be a #Trailsetter.

What Kind of Trailsetter Are You?