U.S. Route 11 - Roanoke to Natural Bridge

  • Roanoke County, Botetourt County, Rockbridge County, VA
  • Phone: 540-342-6025 Phone: 540-342-6025
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U.S. Route 11 is a historic road in Virginia's Blue Ridge that runs parallel to Interstate 81. U.S. Route 11 is a popular road for many motorcycle enthusiasts and it's a great way to see some of the communities in the region while traveling.Taking U.S. Route 11 north leads you through Buchanan in Botetourt County and to Rockbridge County past The Natural Bridge and toward the town of Lexington. From Roanoke to The Natural Bridge in Rockbridge County, it's approximately 38 miles if you travel via Route 11.As it enters the City of Roanoke, U.S. Route 11 becomes Williamson Road, which is a melting pot of unique shopping, dining and culture.

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