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The Appalachian Craftsman

  • Authentic Traditional Appalachian Craftwork and Mountain Heritage Programs
    Eagle Rock, VA 24085
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I am a native Appalachian Mountain craftsman. My family has been working in the southern Appalachian mountains for many generations. Today, I help preserve my Appalachian culture through several overlapping craft skills which focus on copper working. I have assembled a working shop of vintage tools so I can replicate the authentic process and the period correct product for the discriminating customer. My main demand is for reproductions of early American style copper wares, such as used by historic re-enactors and period homes. I am also called upon to do repairs for large copper apple butter kettles, and make custom stirrers for them. I will also consider custom work within the scope of my shop. I am proud to be a descendant of moonshiners and the independent entrepreneur attitude that it represents. However, due to very restrictive Virginia State laws, I can not build a moonshine still for anyone unless you have the appropriate federal or state permits. I stay backed up with orders. I do not publish a phone number here because I was getting too many solicitor calls to get any work done in the shop. However, I would love to talk to you about your copper needs - start with an email, or postal mail note. Looking for something else in the way of traditional crafts? I have an informal network of other craft producers. Let me know what you need, and I will try to help you. Please review my web site for more details. Thanks for looking, Kevin

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Things to Do
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