Ernie's Bar & Grill


Ernie’s opened it’s doors in 1986. Formerly known as B.R. Guest Delicatessen style establishment preceded by the Dixie Lunch serving the markets more colorful characters. Ernie’s began it’s market tradition of grill cooking under the spatula of Ernest Arthur, who came to the market in September 1949 to run the Boiler Room, at 128 Campbell Avenue, offering a menu with wide appeal to all. Arthur sold the landmark restaurant (now closed) along with it’s notable “Men Only” sign (women were served there anyway) in 1984 and retired after 35 years. Arthurs’ retirement lasted for a year and nine months before he opened Ernie’s, bringing with him the romance and juices of grilling made famous with many of his other tasty Boiler Room creations. Arthur sold Ernie’s and has retired from the restaurant business. Ernie’s is now owned and operated by Ex Roanoke City Fire Fighter Bill Kopcial and Scotty Smith, proud to preserve Arthur’s Boiler Room traditions, making it one of Roanoke’s favorite eateries.

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  • Monday Hours: 6am - 2pm
  • Tuesday Hours: 6am - 2pm
  • Wednesday Hours: 6am - 2pm
  • Thursday Hours: 6am - 2pm
  • Friday Hours: 6am - 2pm
  • Saturday Hours: 7am - 3pm
  • Sunday Hours: 7am - 1pm