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Buck Mountain Trail

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It's a half-mile climb to the summit cul de sac, then a half-mile backtrack to the trailhead alongside the Blue Ridge Parkway just south of Roanoke. The 300-foot rise in elevation is enough to accomplish two things: (1) providing a short but vigorous workout for a time-pressed hiker seeking a brief lung stretcher for fitness sake and (2) separating the hiker from the parkway just enough to savor that wild woods flavor. It's a lovely little forest hike, under oaks, maples and pines. In May, mountain laurel and azalea blossoms add a floral touch. In August, the cicadas sing a wistful chorus. In October, the color-splattered foliage dazzles.

  • Directions: The Buck Mountain trail is located near Milepost 123 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The trailhead is the Buck Mountain Overlook.
  • Additional Information: The Blue Ridge Parkway is occasionally closed due to inclement weather.
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Distance in Miles - Round Trip: 1
  • Friday Hours: Open
  • Monday Hours: Open
  • Saturday Hours: Open
  • Sunday Hours: Open
  • Thursday Hours: Open
  • Tuesday Hours: Open
  • Wednesday Hours: Open