Appalachian Trail - Overnight Backpacking Loop

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This loop is a great option for an overnight backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail. The hike totals approximately 32 miles and is suggested as a three night trip. The hike starts and finishes at the Rt. 311 Appalachian Trail trail head. Begin by hiking north on the trail to McAfee Knob. After passing the knob, turn left down Andy Layne Trail and cross to North Mountain Trail. From North Mountain Trail, hike south to Rt. 311 and cross Rt. 311 to hike up to Dragon's Tooth. After hiking Dragon's Tooth, continue north on the trail back to Rt. 311 parking lot and the conclusion of your hike. Camping on the Appalachian Trail between Rt. 311 and Andy Layne Trail is ONLY permitted at shelters and the designated sites beside shelters. The same also applies with camping between Rt. 624 & Rt. 311. Suggested Itinerary: First night - hike in a little ways to one of the first shelters. Second night - camp at the shelter near the Andy Layne Trail. Third night - camp at the campsite on the Dragon's Tooth Trail (there is a convenience store 1/4 mile south on Rt. 311 from the parking lot for the Dragon's Tooth trail)

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  • Directions: •From Roanoke - take I-81 south to exit 141.

    •Turn left at the traffic light onto route 419 (Electric Rd.) and follow 0.4 miles to next traffic light (Rt. 311).

    •Turn right onto route 311N and follow 5.6 miles to the top of the mountain.

    •The trailhead parking lot is at the very top on the left.

  • Difficulty Level: Difficult
  • Distance in Miles - Round Trip: 32
  • Friday Hours: Open
  • Monday Hours: Open
  • Saturday Hours: Open
  • Sunday Hours: Open
  • Thursday Hours: Open
  • Tuesday Hours: Open
  • Wednesday Hours: Open