Winter in Virginia’s Blue Ridge is a bit on the chilly side, but we know a few great places to warm up with fantastic beverages. Their food is top-notch, too. 

These are the places you’ll want to seek out after a day of sledding, shopping, or museum hopping. Actually, we don’t even need an excuse to go. Won’t you join us?

Here are some warm drinks to try this winter in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

Sweet Donkey Coffee House | Roanoke

Have you ever taken the time to really taste coffee? At Sweet Donkey, you’re encouraged to savor it like a fine wine. Let your palette pick out distinct flavors of citrus, chocolate, raspberry, or vanilla that is evident in certain coffee beans. Ask for the Orange Silk Latte, a signature drink featuring their house-made caramel syrup and a hint of orange essence. You won’t be disappointed in this one! Ask about the quiche of the day and settle in to enjoy the environment.

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Little Green Hive | Roanoke


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Single-origin and fair-trade organic coffees makes up the coffee menu at Little Green Hive's two locations - Downtown Roanoke & Grandin Village. The local favorite Red Rooster Coffee is available here, as are coffees from Sumatra, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, and Peru. 

A favorite hot drink at Little Green Hive is the Mexican Mocha featuring dark chocolate, cayenne and cinnamon, for a fun sweet & spicy combination. If you’re looking for a nice tea, however, try the Honeybush. It’s imported from the Cape of Good Hope, and it’s a sweet, fruity delight!

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Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea | Roanoke

Coffee is an art at Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea. An art to be shared, as it turns out. If you’re trying to replicate that coffeehouse flavor at home, the baristas at Mill Mountain are more than happy to give you some tips. Enough about home. A visit to the flagship location in downtown Roanoke is best enjoyed with a Double Almond Chai Latte, a sweet and spicy beverage most will love, even the lactose intolerant.

Visit Mill Mountain’s other locations in Salem and Daleville, as well as additional Roanoke locations: Starkey Road and South County Library.

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