The 37th Annual National Travel & Tourism Week will be celebrated across the country May 3-9, 2020. It's always been an occasion to shine the spotlight on the tourism industry and a timely one to showcase its importance. Prior to COVID-19 more than 8,000 jobs were dependent on travel and tourism in Virginia’s Blue Ridge along with direct travel expenditures of $892 million. (Source - 2018 US Travel Association and the Virginia Tourism Corporation) Now we find ourselves in the midst of uncertainty.

Travel and Tourism is an economic engine that is going to drive us out of this crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why we strongly believe if there was ever a time to rally behind our industry, tell our story and demonstrate our strength, it is now. National Travel & Tourism Week is just one platform to communicate the incredible resiliency of this industry, even in the face of adversity.

What Does the Road Ahead Look Like? When the time is right, travel and tourism will be integral to our nation’s recovery. It will be a key driver not only for the economy and jobs, but also for our country's morale and inspiring the #SpiritofTravel.

Why Travel Matters

Travel Matters to the Economy

Travel Matters to New Experiences

Travel Matters to our Jobs

Travel Matters to Keeping America Connected

Travel Matters to Health

Travel Matters to Hometown Pride

Travel Matters to Families

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