Fallingwater Cascades

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The Fallingwater Cascades Trail is located at Milepost 83 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, three miles north of the Peaks of Otter. It's a segment of the Fallingwater - Flat Top National Recreation Trail. This moderately difficult loop trail is approximately 1.7 miles. The hike will include a view of the nearby Flat Top and Sharp Top Mountains, as well as numerous spots to see Fallingwater Creek and Fallingwater Cascades, the 100-foot waterfall that makes its way down two winding drops over a large rock outcropping. You'll also get to complete some rock hopping over Fallingwater Creek, but take caution if water levels are elevated. Be prepared for the elevation change as you hike down the gorge to the base of the falls and then the return climb as you complete the loop. To continue the National Recreation Trail after you finish the loop, cross the Blue Ridge Parkway and then follow the trail up Flat Top Mountain.

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