Christina Taylor Koloda, Realtor

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A Virginia resident REALTOR® at eXp Realty, you could say Christina Taylor Koloda was destined for a career in real estate. As Christina would put it, 'God presented an opportunity' when a friend recruited her into the industry in 2018. Being a real estate agent combines all of Christina's talents and passions. She is from a family of small business owners, with previous work experience in finance and a BA in marketing. As a result, she has quite a savvy mindset. Christina is thrilled to work meticulously with numbers and be 100% involved with a project from start to finish. But what she loves most is the chance to connect with people personally and act as a source of inspiration for something bigger than a simple property transaction. To hear Christina describe her real estate career, '...every day is new. Getting to walk the lot or discover a brand-new neighborhood feels like an adventure, which I love. My favorite thing about my real estate career, though, is having the opportunity to let God work through me to help others realize their dreams. It fills me with joy, enthusiasm, and purpose. I am heartfelt in my faith and I am grateful to share that passion with people as I guide them through big decisions and potentially challenging times in their lives.' Christina's faith seems to lead her in the right direction, quickly making her a highly sought-after agent in Virginia. To learn more about Christina's services, give her a call today. After all, she is - Invested in Your Vision for Real Estate! Credentials and Skills Radford University, Bachelor of Science Specializing in Marketing, Advertising, and Communication Marketing & Sales Expert Negotiation Expert Networking Expert Market Research & Analysis Strong Communication Skills Excellent Customer Service Real Estate Business Administration & Contractor Collaboration Member CVR MLS and FLEX MLS, serving markets in Southwestern and Central Virginia Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia

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