The ride takes in twelve iconic pieces of outdoor artwork from the Trojan Dog to the Ann Davey Masters sculpture garden to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Bridge. It's a great way to experience these local treasures and it's a really nice bike ride: mostly quiet roads and very few hills to contend with.

Humanufacturing by Toobz

The route begins at Patrick Henry High School’s artistic bus shelter, continues through the Grandin Village neighborhood, then travels along the Roanoke River Greenway towards downtown. Connecting with the Mill Mountain Greenway at Williamson Road, it then follows the greenway into downtown Proper. The bulk of the pieces you’ll explore are in the downtown core. From there, the route leads into a portion of the Old Southwest neighborhood, where it will loop back into the main route at Wasena Park. The directions assume you are traveling to and from Patrick Henry High school, though you can start the route at whatever point you choose. 

Trojan Dog

There are a few sections that have some traffic to contend with so picking times of day that aren't as busy is a good idea. 

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