Routes 25 to 50 Miles

These routes are featured in our printed copy of the Gravel Adventure Field Guide, available here online or in our local bike shops.

Gravel cyclist in Botetourt County with pavement ends highway sign

Pocket Full of Carrots

This route is a great introduction to the riding in historical Botetourt County. These farm roads are some of the oldest in the region. A consistent shift between pavement and gravel throughout the ride gives it a pace suitable for all riding abilities. You'll want a pocket full of carrots for the donkeys and goats you'll encounter along the way.

Fincastle is where the ride starts and ends. Founded in 1772, Fincastle is the original gateway for US westward expansion in the 19th century. The town served as the social hub for the large farms that emerged on its outskirts. Fincastle did not see the population influx of other communities after the railroad bypassed the community, but this turned out to be a good thing for gravel cyclists. 


Large buck deer trophies with Gravel Adventure Field Guide map

Firewater Double/Single Shot

This route is an ode to the local moonshine industry, while offering the best adventure riding in Franklin County. It contains a mixture of pavement, gravel and sections of singletrack at Spring Cove recreation area. This is a solid choice for those seeking varied riding surfaces.

Franklin County roads are where moonshining, the production and sale of untaxed liquor, got its start. In the 1700's Europeans arrived in the area and began to turn fruit into brandy and grains into whiskey. They questioned taxation of the spirits. Distilling liquor was a way to preserve grains and fruits that failed to make it to market.

These roads have seen the authorities and local distillers match wits for centuries. You have two options to explore the legacy of "firewater." Would you like a single shot or double?