UPDATE: Virginia's Blue Ridge is Now Open in Phase Three

Virginia's Blue Ridge is now open in the Phase Three stage of the Commonwealth's Forward Virginia plan. Learn more about the program and what it means for various types of businesses & experiences in the region with our Phase Three Guidelines page. Phase Three >


Wilderness Road

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Over 43 million Americans can trace their heritage to the families that migrated along the Wilderness Road. It sums up the iconic meaning of the lives of Daniel Boone and the thousands of settlers who poured after him though the great gap into Kentucky. In its various forms as frontier trail, wagon road, stage route, and antebellum turnpike, the road directed pilgrims and travelers to the West. Whatever your background, as the starting point for the settlement of the West, the Great Migration Route over the Cumberland Gap tells your story as an American. We invite you to blaze your own trail of discovery along the Wilderness Road and relive America's unique history and heritage.