Too Many Books

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We're stuffed. Our shop in Roanoke, Virginia's Historic Grandin Village harbors an inventory that hovers around 50,000 books, give or a take a few titles, in all categories. Chockablock we may be, but we know where everything is -- antiquarian, out of print, Virginiana, Civil War, military history, current fiction, genealogy, children's, art, philosophy and religion, firsts, collectible ephemera, vintage paperbacks and more. We also have a small, but choice, selection of greeting cards. Bring us your beautifully bound, wondrously illustrated, and distinctively weird. We extend store credit for books and will purchase books in specific categories and unique stock.  Appointments are not necessary, but please call ahead to ascertain book buyer’s availability. Buyer is never available on Sundays or Mondays. We will accept books in very good condition with bindings intact, with no annotations or highlighting. And we love any ‘book related’ posters, dolls, stuff.
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