Tinker Ridge/Hay Rock Overlook Trail

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Nestled in Jefferson National Forest near Roanoke, VA, Hay Rock Overlook Trail beckons adventurers with its scenic wonders. This 4.4-mile round trip hike promises an immersive experience amidst Virginia's natural beauty. Traversing through lush woodlands and gentle inclines, hikers encounter a diverse array of Appalachian flora and fauna. Yet, the trail's pièce de résistance awaits: Hay Rock Overlook. Perched atop the landscape, Hay Rock unveils a breathtaking panorama of the Roanoke Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains. It's a scene of unparalleled grandeur, inviting contemplation and wonder. At the overlook, weary trekkers find sanctuary amidst nature's embrace, basking in well-deserved tranquility. Whether seeking serenity or adventure, Hay Rock Overlook Trail captivates the senses and nourishes the soul. Embark on an unforgettable journey to Hay Rock Overlook Trail, where every step leads to moments of sublime beauty and boundless discovery. Experience the majesty of Hay Rock and Virginia's wilderness in all its glory.

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  • Directions: From I-81, take Exit 150B. After the exit, follow Rt. 220N toward Fincastle. After turning on 220, you will see a Park & Ride lot almost immediately on your left. This lot is where you park for hiking on the trail.
  • Major Access Routes: I-81, US 220
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate-Difficult
  • Distance in Miles - Round Trip: 8
  • Friday Hours: Open
  • Monday Hours: Open
  • Saturday Hours: Open
  • Sunday Hours: Open
  • Thursday Hours: Open
  • Tuesday Hours: Open
  • Wednesday Hours: Open