Serenity Counseling Center

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Founder Angela Anderson, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Collaborative Divorce Coach & Child Specialist, and Certified Yoga Instructor, has provided mental health therapy, divorce coaching and yoga instruction to hundreds of clients.She developed her balanced approach helping clients as they work through many struggles in their livesby intently focusing on their needs and discovering what works for each.Her theory, which is based on combinations of social skill development, physical fitness, and spirituality,has helped many and serves as the foundation for the development of Serenity Counseling Center P.C. Angie is also collaboratively trained in helping families find balance and peace while going through a divorce. She will work with children as a Child Specialist to learn effective coping skills to deal with the changes in the family as they separate/divorce. She will also work with parents in developing healthy parenting plans to make the transition easier. With the adults going through a divorce, Angie will serve as a Divorce Coach to help the individual cope and deal with the loss of the marriage and meet the client where they need to help the process be as amicable as possible.

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