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Rick's Bike Repair

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Rick's Bike Repair shop is a home-based business located in Fincastle, VA. Rick's also offers bikes for sale. Call for an appointment. SERVICES OFFERED- Prices subject to change: tall rack on bicycle-$12, ASSORTED SERVICES: Bike cleaning fee-$12, Travel charge for pickup/delivery-$19, BRAKES: Adjust cable operated brakes (each)-$15, Adjust and/or bleed hydraulic brakes (each)- $42, FRAME/FORK: Align rear derailleur hanger-$19, Align dropouts (front or rear)-$19, Align front fork-$30, Install fork-$38, Thread Fork Steerer Tube-$27, Check frame alignment-$4, Build up from frameset, recumbent bike (variable)-$169, Build up from frameset, upright bike (variable)-$135, Align rear triangle (or respace for different cassette)$30, Straighten chain stay or seat stay-$19, GEARS/DRIVETRAIN: Adjust bottom bracket bearings-$8, Install new bottom bracket, or overhaul loose bearing bb-$15, Install new cassette or freewheel-$8, Install new chain-$8.00, Install new chainrings-$15, Adjust derailleur/shifter-$15, Clean drive train-$30, Lube drivetrain-$3, HANDLEBARS AND STEMS: Install handlebars-$19, Wrap handlebars-$12, Install handlebar grips-$8, Install handlebar stem-$19, HEADSET: Adjust headset-$8, Install headset (no facing or reaming)-$23, Overhaul headset bearings-$15, TUNEUPS: Standard tune - adjust gears and brakes, true wheels, adjust bearings, wipe down and inspect frame-$53, Standard tune plus drivetrain cleaning-$83, Tune-up lite: brakes and gears, multispeed bike-$38, Standard tune plus drivetrain cleaning plus bearing overhaul-$143, WHEEL/TIRE/TUBE: Adjust hub bearings-$8 , Overhaul hub bearings-$15, Spoke replacement-$15, Replace tube and/or tire off bike-$6, Replace tube and/or tire on bike-$8, Build wheel (each)-$34, Wheel truing (each)-$15

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