Virginia's Blue Ridge is Open for Business!

Governor Northam has lifted mask mandates for fully-vaccinated individuals, except on public transit, in health care facilities, and in congregate settings. Businesses retain the ability to require masks in their establishments. Effective May 28, Virginia eased all distancing and capacity restrictions. Learn More >


Rick's Bike Repair

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Rick's Bike Repair shop is a home-based business located in Fincastle, VA. Rick's also offers bikes for sale. Call for an appointment. SERVICES OFFERED- Prices subject to change: tall rack on bicycle-$12, ASSORTED SERVICES: Bike cleaning fee-$12, Travel charge for pickup/delivery-$19, BRAKES: Adjust cable operated brakes (each)-$15, Adjust and/or bleed hydraulic brakes (each)- $42, FRAME/FORK: Align rear derailleur hanger-$19, Align dropouts (front or rear)-$19, Align front fork-$30, Install fork-$38, Thread Fork Steerer Tube-$27, Check frame alignment-$4, Build up from frameset, recumbent bike (variable)-$169, Build up from frameset, upright bike (variable)-$135, Align rear triangle (or respace for different cassette)$30, Straighten chain stay or seat stay-$19, GEARS/DRIVETRAIN: Adjust bottom bracket bearings-$8, Install new bottom bracket, or overhaul loose bearing bb-$15, Install new cassette or freewheel-$8, Install new chain-$8.00, Install new chainrings-$15, Adjust derailleur/shifter-$15, Clean drive train-$30, Lube drivetrain-$3, HANDLEBARS AND STEMS: Install handlebars-$19, Wrap handlebars-$12, Install handlebar grips-$8, Install handlebar stem-$19, HEADSET: Adjust headset-$8, Install headset (no facing or reaming)-$23, Overhaul headset bearings-$15, TUNEUPS: Standard tune - adjust gears and brakes, true wheels, adjust bearings, wipe down and inspect frame-$53, Standard tune plus drivetrain cleaning-$83, Tune-up lite: brakes and gears, multispeed bike-$38, Standard tune plus drivetrain cleaning plus bearing overhaul-$143, WHEEL/TIRE/TUBE: Adjust hub bearings-$8 , Overhaul hub bearings-$15, Spoke replacement-$15, Replace tube and/or tire off bike-$6, Replace tube and/or tire on bike-$8, Build wheel (each)-$34, Wheel truing (each)-$15

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