Pumpernickel Pickle Catering Co.

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Pumpernickel Pickle is an award winning professional catering company serving the Roanoke, Salem, Blacksburg, Lynchburg, and Charlottesville . Our mission is simple: To provide a dynamic and exciting catering experience with exceptional food and service. The force behind all the wonderful events we put on is the goal of making our clients the happiest on earth. We believe our experience and passion is translated into all the delicious food we make and the friends we make along the way! Meet Our Chef! He has cooked for Cher and Rod Stewart. He has prepared meals for the Miss Virginia pageant contestants. And he has served meals at Victor Wooten’s music and nature camps.Those experiences are what Chef William Dye said enable him to accommodate any bride-to-be’s wishes for the biggest day of her life. Willie’s breadth of culinary experience coupled with his easygoing personality is what guarantees Pumpernickel Pickle Catering Co. will serve your event well.Chef Willie’s unique style of cooking is steeped in European and French techniques with refined Appalachian presentation, which he calls “Fren-lachian.” Some of his specialities include taking French dishes and adding a twist of the South. His favorite celebrity chefs are British television chef Robert Irvine, Japanese Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai, and the late Pasquale Carpino of Canada.Chef Willie prides himself on flexibility. Whether it’s a curve ball from Mother Nature or a guest with a last minute vegan request, he will make it work. Pumpernickel Pickle is willing to work with any budget to create a memorable event featuring homemade creations using the freshest ingredients.

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