Philpott Lake - Hiking

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Near the picturesque Roanoke, VA, Philpott Lake offers an array of hiking opportunities. Surrounded by the verdant Blue Ridge Mountains, this scenic destination caters to various skill levels and preferences. From leisurely strolls along the tranquil lake shoreline to invigorating treks through lush forests and rugged terrain, adventurers will find ample exploration options. The Jamison Mill Park Trail, a 2.3-mile moderate hike, boasts panoramic vistas of the glistening lake. For a more challenging experience, try the 4.6-mile Salthouse Branch Trail, winding through captivating woodlands. The Smith River Trail, a 10-mile odyssey, features cascading waterfalls and abundant wildlife sightings. Philpott Lake also offers recreational activities like swimming, fishing, and picnicking, ideal for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Nearby Fairy Stone State Park adds to the adventure with unique rock formations and captivating trails. Whether seeking serene nature walks or exhilarating backcountry exploration, Philpott Lake promises unforgettable outdoor experiences amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

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  • Directions: Philpott Reservoir is located of US 220 between Roanoke and Martinsville.
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  • Sports: Hiking, Swimming, Boating, Kayaking, Fishing
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