Peaks of Otter

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Milepost 86 off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Known for its exceptional hiking trails that challenge fitness enthusiasts. The adjacent overnight lodge is known for its food buffets and lake rimmed mountain views. For those visitors who enjoy fishing, Abbott Lake contains catfish, smallmouth bass, golden shiners, sunfish, and blue gill. To protect against the introduction of non-native species in the lake, you may only fish with artificial lures. The Parkway monitors the fish habitat in the lake to help insure the health of all species and to maintain a healthy catch and release fishery.Virginia State fishing licenses, Bedford County licenses, or short-term permits are required for all Virginia residents between ages 16-65. Non-residents over 12 years of age must have a license (the Parkway honors North Carolina licenses, as long as the license holder fishes ON PARKWAY LAND).Swimming, wading, boating and ice-skating are not permitted in/on Abbott Lake.

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  • Directions: The Peaks of Otter Visitor Center is located at Milepost 86 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • Additional Information: There are multiple hiking trails, including the popular trails to the summits to Sharp Top Mountain and Flat Top Mountain. These beautiful trails offer challenging hikes and gorgeous 360-degree views of the surrounding area.

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    There are opportunities for fishing in nearby Abbott Lake.

    The trails of the Peaks of Otter are located off the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is occasionally closed during inclement weather.
  • Difficulty Level: Easy-Moderate
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