P.A. Short Distributing Co.

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Following the repeal of Prohibition, and the introduction of a required “three tier” system of beer distribution in Virginia, Anheuser-Busch offered the wholesale distribution rights of its products to “C. C. Bova” in the Roanoke area. C. C. Bova distributed fruits and vegetables to “on and off” premise retailers in the area. Charlie Bova slowly built the beer distribution business, later with the help of his sons Frank and Rudy, through the end of World War II. In 1945, Frank returned from military service and became primarily responsible for the beer distribution portion of the business. In 1951, the beer and vegetable businesses were separated with the incorporation of “Bova Distributing Company”, which was solely responsible for beer distribution. Within a few years, Frank Bova became sole owner of the Company, purchasing the interests of his father, Charlie and his brother, Rudy. Frank Bova was responsible for the Company’s growth until his death in 1994. Phillip A. Short, Sr., Bova Distributing Company’s outside counsel, became full time Vice President and General Counsel for the Company in 1981. He became Vice President, General Manager and minority owner in 1985. Phillip was promoted to Company President in 1990, and became sole owner following Frank Bova’s death. In 2001, the name of the Company was changed to P. A. Short Distributing. After many successful years of handling Anheuser-Busch products exclusively, it was decided to expand the Company’s opportunities by introducing non-alcoholic sodas, teas, energy drinks and drink mixers. The Company then began to expand into alcoholic beverages including Four, Clubtails, Johnny Bootlegger, DJ Trotters, Cordina, and several regional craft brands including items from Heavy Seas, Legend Brewing, Starr Hill, Victory, and Devil’s Backbone. Click Here for the complete P.A. Short Product List!

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