North Creek - Water Sports

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North Creek near Roanoke, VA, is a hidden gem for water sports enthusiasts, offering thrilling opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding. At higher water levels, this scenic creek transforms into a Class II-IV rapids course, providing an adrenaline rush for experienced paddlers. Whether you're embarking on a serene kayaking journey or navigating the meandering pathways in a canoe, North Creek promises unforgettable experiences against the backdrop of breathtaking natural scenery. Stand-up paddleboarding enthusiasts can also enjoy thrilling rides while exploring the creek's gentle currents. With its diverse water sports offerings, North Creek caters to adventurers of all skill levels. Plan your next outdoor excursion at North Creek and immerse yourself in the beauty of Roanoke, VA. Discover the excitement of water sports at North Creek today and create unforgettable memories in Virginia's stunning landscape.

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  • Directions: Take Exit 168 off Interstate 81 to Arcadia. Drive through Arcadia and turn left on N. Creek Road.
  • Friday Hours: Open
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  • Sports: Fishing, Paddling
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